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Educazione alla Cittadinanza Globale

Cooperazione Internazionale


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International Cooperation

International Cooperation

Deafal is active in fighting poverty and inequalities through rural development projects for the human, social, and economic empowerment of small producers.

We realize international cooperation projects in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, and Ecuador) and in Africa (Mozambique, Togo, Kenya and Rwanda).

Our main fields of intervention are:

  • Rural development

  • Food security and food sovereignty

  • Regenerative and Organic Agriculture (ROA) and family farming

  • Environmental protection and biodiversity preservation

  • Sustainable tourism

  • Small scale entrepreneurship

  • Co-development

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Deafal designs and implements Global Citizenship Education and Environmental Education programmes.

We promote Regenerative and Organic Agriculture as a tool for social change based on a new relationship between people and their physical environment, allowing soil regeneration and sustainability.

Deafal promotes human rights, supports family farming rights, and environmental sustainability through campaigns of sensitization and public awareness.

Global citizenship education and environmental education

"No one educates anyone else nor do we educate ourselves, we educate one another in communion in the context of living in this world"
Paulo Freire

Our goals:

  • Enabling kids to make right questions, stimulating their curiosity for what happens in the world and their hunger for knowledge;

  • Improving children’s skills to critically analyse and understand global issues;

  • Empowering people to lead a sustainable lifestyle and choose conscious consumption;

  • Enabling people to build communities in harmony both with its members and with the environment;

  • Contributing to the development of fair and sustainable societies.

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct partnership based on the relationship between consumers and one or more producers, in which the risks, liabilities and earnings of the crops are shared, through a long-term binding agreement.

The fundamental principles CSA promotes are solidarity, human dignity, solidarity economy, food sovereignty, and small-scale organic agriculture.

For these reasons, Deafal supports and promotes CSAs and the URGENCI network.


  • Declaration




A Community-Supported Agriculture collaborative training programme



Women’s shea products in Savanes Region, Togo

small scale female entrepreneurship and reforestation



Border Lands

Regenerating marginal areas through community sustainable participation