14 December 2017

Into The Mexico – EN

We need farmers, we need poets

The film emerged from the collaboration between European and Mexican farmers is finally ready!

For those who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign for the realisation of the project, the link to the film is already available.

How you will appreciate, the project has gone far beyond the initial objective requiring great effort from all of us, as well as longer procedures. We think it was worth it, as big changes always require great efforts and a pinch of craziness.

Deafal and Blue desk proudly introduce you to the result of your contribution: the documentary ‘Into The Mexico’ by director Simone Amendola.

‘A group of Europeans fly overseas to learn more about organic agriculture, a practice as old as this planet, and yet revolutionary today. Amid campesinas experiences and experts’ theories emerges Mexico, caught between research and market, between life and death.’

(Italy, Spain, Mexico – 2017,87 mins) Documentary

Direction Simone Amendola

A Deafal and Blue Desk production